As fall draws near all I can think about is long sleeve sweaters and not sweating because its still 90 degrees outside. Just like this little green sweater I thrifted from Savers. I love it because it has such cute detail on the sleeves. It has balloon sleeves from right above the elbow to the wrist. The neckline is oval shaped and is flattering but odd in a good way. These mom jeans are from American Eagle as usual I’m too short and have to cuff everything. I’m 5’1” so yeah even short length pants are too long on me. If you know me you know I’m obsessed with white sneakers. So in this outfit I am wearing my all white Adidas Stan Smiths. My accessories are my fucci belt from Amazon that I love, my [I] pendant necklace also from Amazon, and earrings that are oval shape with flowers that i got form…. you guessed it Amazon.

I cant wait for more outfits like this as my moves comes and I wont be living in just two seasons all year round. My favorite season is fall and I cant wait to actually have a real one this year and not sweat out my curls half way through he day. I love this outfit with my hair pulled back in my go to slick back bun that i wear 99.8% of the time, but I also love my hair down and in curls or straight. So as I get more cold weather coming I will be sure to start changing up my hair with all my outfits.


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