We left extra early Saturday morning and guess who fell out of the huge moving truck? YUP! Thats right if you guessed me you’re right. Don’t worry I’m fine but the coffee cake I was holding in my hand… not so much. Anyways the drive was a long two day drive but we made it. My parents and I made it in time for the final walk through on our new home. We had split off from our group in the faster car so that we could make it on time, and in that car we had one of our dogs. Well we walked up to the new house excited to finally see it in person! Little did we know when we put our dog Khloe in the backyard so we could tour the house it would be the last time we saw her, because she would find a way under the gate and escape as we looked at our new home.

The minuet we noticed she was gone we searched for her, but it was too dark and she was in a very new place 1,689 miles away from the only home she had ever known. Long story short she has now been missing for 12 days. She is posted all over the local Sioux Falls missing pet pages, we have been to the local shelter, and she’s been shared on the local missing pets Facebook page over 400x. We believe someone took her and has her and we are at peace with that. We just want whoever has her to love her and take good care of her. For anyone wondering our other dog has never been happier being a ONLY DOG.

Besides loosing our dog this journey has been great! not a single thing was broken and we got everything off the moving truck in one day. Thanks to the amazing family friends we have who helped us move all this way. It was a lot of hard work but we have gotten settled in our new home really fast thanks to all the help. We love our new home so much, although it is hard since my mom had to fly back to California to finish her school year. I miss my mom tons and I know my dad misses her a lot too. Have no fear my dad and I are surviving even tho its just the two of us [we haven’t killed each other LOL] We have been working hard to get the house together and have our touch on it all. My mom is coming to visit for Thanksgiving so it’s mine and my dads goal to have the house completely done!

I GOT A JOB! I will be starting work here in Sioux Falls as a part time pre-school teacher. I am so excited to start and begin making life here in South Dakota.

Thanks for following me on this journey I plan to keep y’all updated with all things new with the house, my life, and all the new finds.



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