cheers to 25!

I never thought I would be spending my 25th birthday in a new state, not at Disneyland,  with basically ZERO friends, and without my mom. Lets just say this is going to be a hard weekend for me. I had so many plans for this birthday ya know its the BIG 25! I was so excited for my 25th for almost a year I knew what I wanted to do. I had made plans for myself and everyone from Friday to Sunday. Obviously I love birthdays especially my own. But plans changed and now here, I am in a new place, no Disneyland, no friends, and no mom…. I have spent the last 15 minuets crying by myself even thinking about writing this how sad am I.

Before I started writing this I thought you know what “you’re doing good its not a big deal you and dad will hang out find a pumpkin patch, eat yummy food, and just have a IRENE day.” don’t get me wrong that’s my plan for us still but I just didn’t think actually putting it all into words would make me sad and cry.

Now missing Disneyland sounds dumb I’m sure to most people but I have spent every birthday since I was about 5 years old at Disneyland. I never really thought about it as a real tradition but looking back it was a 20 year tradition. now its gone and I miss it but not as bad as I thought I would. Ill have to find a Mickey shaped raspberry macaroon in Sioux Falls now.

The no friends thing is a little dramatic on my part, I do have like 7 friends here. Im grateful for them don’t get me wrong at all I’m supper grateful to not legitimately be ALONE here. Although I miss MY PEOPLE They just know me through and through I told them just the other day that I am like a plant slowly dying without the attention I need too survive. They laughed and all I felt was another leaf falling off my branch…

NO MOMMA! ahhhh! That is just the worst my mom is my everything don’t get crazy now I love my dad and we have a great relationship, but no one is my momma! I will miss her  so much more than usual this weekend.

BUT when all is said and done I’m excited for new adventure even if it means my 25th birthday isn’t as EPIC as I had planned. The day will still come like every OCTOBER 27th does and I will be another year older. Not sure if I’m ready or not but ready or not it’s coming!




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