No fans I didn’t forget you all I just kept saying I’ll sit down next week…then next week would come and go and I would say ugh OHKAY Irene next week. Now its been two months since I have sat down and put up my rambling words on this lil bloggie blog. Have no fear though I’m back!

While I was away an amazing stranger found me on Instagram who takes pictures and I me Irene met a complete stranger at a park. Don’t worry I’m not crazy I took back up so I didn’t get stolen or anything. Turns out this photographer wasn’t just amazing at taking pictures she’s also a really great human! If you are in the Sioux Falls SD area and want a great photographer follow her on Instagram @lapaixphoto the fist two pictures of this blog are the ones she took.

After surviving meeting a stranger at a park my mom flew into town for Thanksgiving and it was amazing to have her HOME. We had a good amount of snow while she was here so she learned how to shovel the driveway. While she was shoveling snow I was learning how to make a yummy dairy free pumpkin pie! It was really good so ill leave the recipe at the bottom of this blog if anyone wants to try it out.

Next my first friend came to visit me! She’s a flight attendant who fly’s to my home town so when she said she had a long lay over I immediately took the day off so I could spend all the time she had to offer with her. It was so fun showing her around and taking snow pictures even if it was a warm 40 degree day.

Then Christmas came…so my mom was back in town this time with the promise to be back and living here with me and my dad full time at the end of January! We spent Christmas making cookies, creating charcuterie boards, and having friends over for dinner. It was different then our old traditions we had in California but it was still amazing!

Well my amazing readers if you have gotten this far you have made it to the end of this long blog. I promise to try and stay on it with my blog coming into the NEW YEAR!


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