b y e 2019!


Well 2019 you are officially over. Let’s re-cap a little… 

I started 2019 at the beach watching the sun set on the 1st day of the year. 

I found my BESTFRIEND (her name is Candace she’s freaking amazing go follow her on Instagram @candacejewell ) and she taught me about all things thrifting to make me her fellow thrift Q U E E N. 

Obviously I went to Disneyland DUH!

Explored San Diego like I never have before. found all the hidden gems that the once short 2 hour drive from home had to offer.

Watched my mommy become a citizen of the United States of America!

Had a bestie photo shoot.

Traveled to New Orleans, collected beads, and ate lots of BEIGNETS.

Sang at Colour Conference Los Angeles. 

Had many park picnics, mosh pit fun, and DTLA adventures with the amazing hillsong youth kiddos.

Went to Disneyland a lot! 

Spent 50% of summer in a pool.

Spent the other 50% of summer at Disneyland. 

Trained my closest friends how to take a good instagram picture (y’all know who you are) hahaha!

Started a lil blogy BLOG.

Sold the house I had lived in all my life.

Said my final goodbye to Disneyland. 

Had a going away party where we said bye to OUR PEOPLE.

Drove for 2 days straight and moved to South Dakota.

Made a house a home in Sioux Falls SD.

Took pictures at a real pumpkin patch with my two new besties who are stuck with me now. LOL

Found a new church that we love! ( @iamembrace ) 

Got involved with serving in the youth ministry!!!

Learned how to drive in the snow. K I N D A! 

still trying to figure out how to dress in cute outfits for -20 degree weather. Let’s be real I’m trying to figure out how to make outfits cute for 40 degree weather too! 

Well I’ve had some major changes this year but I’m 100% happy with the choices I made. I thank God for guiding my family and I this year because without Him we would be lost… and all that we have accomplished this year wouldn’t be possible without God, our amazing church friends, and trusting Gods plan for us.  

Well I started the year on a beach watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and I’m ending the year watching the sun set over a blanket of snow from my back yard on a nice cool 15 degree night, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Have a happy new year everyone! 


One thought on “b y e 2019!

  1. Why am I not apart of this blog? So rude! Lol jk! This is the first year of our lives that we will be apart. But… I know our sis bond is STRONG and we will remain the same. I miss you so much, love you! Happy new year!


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