Hi! My name is Irene and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I was born and raised in beautiful sunny California originally an LA girl, until recently when my family and I made a move to Sioux Falls South Dakota making me a Midwest girl. I am giving this blogging thing a try as I travel half way across the country to a new life in South Dakota. I cant wait for whoever stumbles upon this bloggy blog to follow along on this journey with me.

I went to school for teaching little minds. I have a few degrees in Early Childhood Development and that is what my typical 9 to 5 job is BUT ya girl loves fashion! So here I am to share all the things I love… outfits, beauty, and lifestyle. My style is street style meets trendy + girly. I am a girl who tries to be healthy in mind and body but also LOVES french fries and has a on and off relationship with working out. As I try and embrace who I am, what my body looks like, and manage my anxiety I hope to inspire even one person to do the same in their own life. I also want to to inspire others to find their style and make it their own no matter their shape or size.


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