88266ebf-0cae-4701-865f-ff7def5a317dThis dress is a perfect BASIC. I love basics because you can dress them up or down. Personally I’m a sneaker girl through and through so I paired this semi long dress with white Nike Air Force 1, but I think it would look just as cute with some espadrilles or a heeled sandal. I chose a cheetah jean jacket with a raw hem on the bottom. The reason I chose this jacket is because it’s cropped so it makes me look a little taller and when you’re only 5′ 1″ you need the help. Now for accessories! The hat is from Amazon for $15.99 in color Camel. This is one of my favorite hats because it is adjustable to make it smaller or larger as needed. The earrings are thrifted. Yes thrifted! I thrift earnings all the time, all you have to do is soak them in alcohol over night then get to wearing them. the neckless I’m wearing is a small pendant with the letter [I] that I got from Amazon for $9.95. This outfit can also be worn without the hat and still look great.

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