Who Knows Where She’s Been?… That’s a Secret I’ll Never Tell XOXO…

Oohh hi there! I know I know it has literally been F O R E V E R! I disappeared because well I don’t really know, I guess because I was trying to get my life somewhat together. Did I get my life together though? No not really but this is what i have been doing….

I became a leader in my youth group [Embrace Youth] and we had winter camp [HAVE NO FEAR THIS WAS PRE- COVID-19] We went to Minnesota and had an amazing time! Also my amazing youth girls convinced me to get Tik Tok. Yes I am a small part of millennials who were on Tik Tok pre COVID-19. Am I embarrassed about that? No no I am not!

Along with getting to know my amazing youth girls I also became… Can I say this can I really call people I only met a couple months ago this?…. BEST FRIENDS! I became besties with the other leaders of my small group. So pre Carona I spent Friday night hanging with my new besties! [ Nat , Chelsea ,and Lexi ]

I have gone on a million walks with my puppy and by puppy I mean my eight year old dog[Puppy] LOL. Ohh i cut like three inches off my hair, put a million clips in my hair for a dare with my youth kiddos, got a new car [thanks MOM and DAD] Oh yes COVID-19 came and canceled my trip back to Los Angeles sooooo I did a pretend trip to LA from H O M E.

And it went like this….

We finally had some amazing weather and I made my parents have a picnic with me!

I tried to make masks FASHION! Also I found toilet paper YAY!!!

This week I cut my dads hair [ Scary I know ] then I got bored and cut my bangs! Took a million pictures of myself like usual…

Lastly I tried on all my spring//summer clothes they really want to see the world but for now they are seeing my house.


I have two first I plan on posting more regularly but on a new day of the week. So *drum roll please* new post day is SUNDAY!

Second is that… I have my first collaboration! It will have multiple other bloggers talking all about their state//city. My portion will include all things Sioux Falls South Dakota. Hope you’re as excited as me for this!!!


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