pumpkin patch fit

FALL! my favorite time of year! Now that I live in South Dakota fall doesn’t equal FIRE season like it did in California. It actually means crisp air, leaves changing color, and sweater weather. Im loving it but picking out a outfit for the pumpkin patch last weekend felt so hard to find something cute to wear. When I looked at all my friends pictures from the pumpkin patch and they all have on cute rompers, skirts, and dresses on…. Im here like if I wear that my legs will turn purple and fall off. Not to mention I got really bad news the day before so everything that didn’t go great I had a melt down over. That whole morning I was a mess so I decided forget trying to be supper cute for pictures just find a comfy cute outfit and have fun.

So I went with a grey hoody thats one of my favorites from Hillsong Young & Free, a jean jacket I thrifted, black ripped jeans from American Eagle, a black and red checkered flannel that I also thrifted for a little flair, white shoes always, and a camel hat from amazon that I’m obsessed with. I wore my hair down with a slight curl. I didn’t think I would love this outfit because it wasn’t the original plan for me BUT I really liked it when I saw the pictures and it kept me pretty warm on a cool 32 degree weather day.


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